Q&A with Hsiomei Hung & Roger Mead, Lichau Hill Vineyards

Neither of you have backgrounds in viticulture–you’re both urban professionals—but you moved to Sonoma Mountain after falling in love with a property that just happened to have a vineyard on it. When did it become “real” to you that you are now grape-growers? Were there ever any doubts or regrets? Moving to this property is the best […]

Q&A with Winemaker, Tom Gendall, Cline Cellars

Given your accent, we know you’re not from California.  Can you tell us where you were born and what motivated you to get into the wine industry? I am from Christchurch, New Zealand and lived there until 2011, when I moved to Sonoma. The high school I attended was broad-minded; in our final two years […]

Q&A with Grower, Scott Welch, Jackson Family Wines

Why did you choose viticulture as your profession and how did you get your first job? I grew up on a Chardonnay vineyard in Potter Valley, Mendocino County and life revolved around viticulture and the ranch, so I guess I was born into that first job. When did you start working with Jackson Family Wines […]

Q&A with Winemaker Jake Hawkes, Carpenter Wines

You and your dad started making wine together. You’ve said he’s the smartest man you know. What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned from him about the business of winemaking? My dad taught me the value of being stubborn and oblivious. This is a hard business and, to some extent, a changeable one. It takes years […]

Q&A with Grower, Scott Tweten, Volamus Vineyards

Your vineyard property at one time had five different grape varieties, but now it’s all Pinot Noir.  Why did you make this change? When we purchased the property in 2006, the existing vineyard had been planted with the idea that the prior owner, who intended to make their own wine, wouldn’t have to drink the […]

Q&A with Winemaker Shane Finley, Thirty-Seven Wines

You’ve said that the book, Wine for Dummies, got you hooked on the idea of becoming a winemaker.  When did you first think it might be possible to earn a living as a winemaker?  Were there any setbacks or turns in the road that made you think twice? What did your parents say? After returning from […]

Q&A with Grower Ria D’Aversa, McEvoy Ranch

Are you farming sustainably and/or organically and what specific practices are you most proud of? McEvoy Ranch is certified organic by CCOF and it is something we are very proud of. Our founder, Nan McEvoy, and the ranch team developed the land through regenerative cycling of nutrients and detailed care for each crop planted, and […]

Q&A with Garrett Martin, Adobe Road Winemaker

Which vineyards in the Petaluma Gap do you source fruit from and what made you select these vineyard sites? I source fruit across the Petaluma Gap. In the south I partner with Griffin’s Lair for Pinot Noir, and the Sangiacomo family for Syrah. In the north Gap I source from the Sangiacomo’s Roberts Road Vineyard […]